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    Apteka Medical Store Mangement System

    It is a long established online store for many hospitals, retail stores, medical stores to growup the sales. Visitors will be happy with the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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    Get Online Sales of Your Store

    Once the visitor finds medicines one needed instantly they can buy them through various payment modes. At any time visitors can buy the medicines and get delivered.

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    Save the lives & Be god for them

    It is our responsibility to save the lives of people as a medical physician. So, give them medicines in necessary & wanted times save them from danger. Deliver the original drugs in very short time.

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About Us

APTEKA medical store was founded a year before with immensive ideas to serve the people at our level best. We design applications which runs on every platform in that we provide vast services like Listing Medicines Available, Adding them to Cart, Buy them, Delivery in less time. These are the major areas where the patient wants to know & also required. So, we are willing to serve for more if you wanna get a site for your medical store we have various plans for you along with distinct features for our clients. Please go through them and get it for your medical store. You can buy this one online also, infact you can contact us for more information.

Why Us

We Uses Latest Technology

when an known place for latest technologies. Clients wants perfect design and responsive applications, for that purpose we put our excellent skills to deliver product.

Visitor Feasible

We know every user cannot have same understandable capacity, so we design applications based on poorer technology person. Such that every visiotr feels comfortable with the application.

Resonsive Applications

We are best at designing responsive applications with great experience team. The applications runs on every digital screen with internet connection.


Provides technical support at all the times for our clients prestige.

Projects Delivered In Time

Success Rate

Team Work

Happy Clients

Our Services

  • Company Name

    The name of the company is very important for customers to buy the medicines.

  • Medicine Description

    Medicine description is very crucial becuase the customers should not confuse with the names.

  • Delivery Status

    When the customer puts an order, the order must be in our control till delivery, ath the same time customer should know where is the order currently. For that purpose this will be very much helpful.

  • SMS Sending

    We will send a confirmation to customer via an SMS for their future reference.

  • SQL Mangement

    Security is another service we provided for your valuable information. We have efficient team to look after it.

  • Invoice Reports

    Get invoice reports for business reports. Only administrators gets the overall report and customer gets only for their medical orders.

Our Products

Our Tutors

  • Company Name

    1st Feature

    The company name will be shown to the customers for complete description.

  • Currency Type

    2nd Feature

    The payment currency type can be shown to the customers.

  • Medicine Category

    3rd Feature

    The medicines are shown as per the categories available in the store.

  • Medicine Barcode

    4th Feature

    The Barcode is saved in the system for full details of the medicine.

  • Ware House Type


    The selling warehouse type will be mentioned in the application. Such that user gets clarity on seller.

  • Stock In & Out


    Amount of stock can be updated at every time by decreasing & increasing methods from the selling & incoming medicines.

  • stock price

    7th Feature

    Stock price can be seen in the applciation. This is completely for admin use only.

  • Expired Stock

    8th Feature

    The admins can get aware of expired stock, this will be helpful to revoer from losses of the store.

  • expense type

    9th Feature

    Expenses types have to be monitored every time, for this we include expenses module. This also for Admins only.

  • total expenditure

    10th Feature

    For Admins this module helps to get out form losses by checking at particular intervals.

  • tax type

    11th Feature

    This lists to the authorities :various taxes to be paid by the admin.

  • store

    12th Feature

    This keeps the user updated about which store is going to be deliver the medicines in time.

  • pos printing setting

    13th Feature

    For invocie printing this feature will be advantageous to the employees, as its online.

  • sms setting

    14th Feature

    SMS updates can be done here with certain login credentials if any time needed.

  • sql server setting

    15th Feature

    SQL Database settings can be done from here. Only for admin people.

  • customer details

    16th Feature

    Customer details have to be maintained confidential as they can arise security problems.

  • bill

    17th Feature

    Bills will be given for every purchase in online.

  • thermal printer

    18th Feature

    Thermal printer allows employees to get invoice like report with product details and delivery address.

  • stock issuer details

    19th Feature

    This includes the details of the stock issuer like as issuer name, date, from address, price, etc.

  • purchases reports

    20th Feature

    Purchase reports includes date of buy, item name purchased. This only for admins for their business growth usage.

  • General day book

    21st Feature

    This is a special feature which will send mail to goods issuer automatically on particular date and time. This allows admins for comfortable running the business.

  • General Ledger

    22nd Feature

    Shows detais about the general issuer of the medicines.

  • present stock count

    23rd Feature

    Counts this number form subtracting total items intially and selling items, is an automation process.

  • vocher details

    24th Feature

    Saves the vocher details for purchasing medicines. This comes for customer to avail offers.

  • financial statement

    25th Feature

    For business purpose authorities usually wants financial statements of their stores. This comes online with each and every item price and date of selling.

  • sales report

    26th Feature

    Get sale report for every time automatically from application.

  • invoice reports

    27th Feature

    Invoice reports can be given for particular product or category for full details.

  • log out and login

    28th Feature

    Admin, Employees, Customer login windows will be there for individual work.


This is for 1 Month which includes services like
Well designed Application
Responsive Application
Rectify arised bugs
Cost Effective.


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This is for 6 Months which includes services like
Well designed Application
Responsive Application
Rectify arised bugs
Free SQL Maintainance.


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This is for an year which includes services like
Well designed Application
Responsive Application
Rectify arised bugs
Change Designs for application
Free SQL Maintainance.


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